Friday, July 1, 2011


Secretly, I love all the notes and confessions that people post on Facebook.  I say secretly, because most posters are teenager and myself being a mature 30, doesn't want to appear childish :)  Maybe I'm nosey, maybe I'm starved for attention out here in the sticks (my husband would say yes to the first), but I is what I is.  So, since I have posted pretty much nothing about myself since starting the blog, I though I would do a "confession"  for y'all.

1.  I live in a town with a population of 351.  No joke-the closest town with an actual grocery store is 15 miles away and the closest Wal-Mart is 27 miles away.

2.  As much as I love to cook, I am lazy in the mornings and only cook a good breakfast twice a week.

3.  I'm really not on top of shaving my legs.  My husband is actually shocked when my legs are shaved.....sad.  My poor hubby.

4.  I like my men bald and with a hairy body.  If my husband had no hair on his chest, I could not touch him.  YUCK.  He once shaved off his goatee and I couldn't kiss him until it grew back.  Lol.

5.  I love teeth.  I favor clean, straight teeth, but realize some people are nasty.  I am in the process of being a Dental Hygienist and am pumped about cleaning teeth day in and day out.  Most people assume I am in it for the 30+ dollar an hour pay, nope.  Really feel like it's my calling.

6.  I love to eat dill pickles and drink milk.

7.  Can decorate with the best of em', but am not good at dressing myself. 

8.  I have baby fine hair like my momma and it scares me.  I am afraid I will lose all my hair one day.

9.  My best friend is my husband followed by my mother.  My family is THAT close.  We all get along, we are not jealous and are not spiteful in anyway.  Well, except for that one sister, but anyhoo, we are pretty darn perfect.

10.  My house is only 1300 square feet, but it's my dream house.  We have remodeled it from top to bottom and it is full of antiques and family heirlooms and I think we will never move.

11.  My garden is my love.  I think I would die of depression if my garden were no more.

12.  Despite being quite reserved, I LOVE the color red.  I drive a red car, wear red heels, polish, anything red.  Along the same lines, I hate black.  Only have maybe two black items in my closet.

13.  I am obsessed with The Pioneer Woman. 

14.  Country cookin' is my forte, but I love to experience new foods as often as possible.  With our location, I usually have to cook and experiment myself.

15.  God has blessed me with a lot of talent, but I struggle with fear and insecurity.  It's a shame and I can't seem to get a handle on it.

16.  Our daughter is adopted, but she looks just like my husband and I.   Acts like us too.  She is my proof of miracles on a day to day basis.

17.  My husband and I have been married almost 12 years and he still floats my boat.  We don't fight, we have an amazing love life and he makes me feel secure.  Unfortunately in todays world, that makes us strange.  It ticks me off when ppl make judgements that don't know us.  I can't tell ya how many times ppl have accused us of being fake, etc.  What you see is what you get with us.

18.  It really irritates me to see a woman call out her man in public.  Those things should be done in private.  You deflate your man's self-esteem and he WILL retaliate. 

Shew, this is harder than I thought it would be.  Don't think about myself too often.  My intention was to make it to 20, but I've run out of thoughts and my little bit wants me to come out and taste her mud pie.  Lol.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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