Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bittersweet changes

Tomorrow, baby girl (and her daddy and I) will be attending kindergarten launch day.  I am filled with a mix of dread, sadness, excitement, wonder and disbelief.  Can someone say "I NEED A NERVE PILL?"  Seriously, the day is here far too soon and I am struggling with my emotions.  It seems like yesterday I put my eyes on her for the first time.  So wrinkly and new and a wee bit premature.  She was helpless and couldn't live without me.  My how things have changed.   As much as I celebrate her milestones and increasing independance, it's hard.

Many changes have been expected and some have been downright shocking.  I was not prepared for her to already be embarrassed by her parents.  We can no longer hold her hands, hug or kiss her in public and she is even turning out to be our fashion consultant.  Mom's outfits usually meet her approval, but dear old dad is another story.  Overnight, she has turned into an eye-rolling, hands on hips, cringing mess.  Who knows what will happen when she is around other children.  Now I'm an eye-rolling, cringing mess. SIGH!  I'm sure our adventures are just beginning.

Luckily, I love her new teacher, love her school and have many good friends who will checking in on her from time to time.  Her pink bookbag is monogrammed as is her lunchbox, her clothes are oh so stylish and she is tickled pink.  Hopefully some of her excitement will rub off on me....please, let it rub off on me.  I hope and pray she doesn't see right through my optomistic, excited front.  I am nothing but counterfit right now.....purely counterfit.  I want my BABY back!

Now that I have sickened y'all and embarrassed myself, I will end this pathetic post...:)  Of course I will update later in the week!

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