Friday, June 29, 2012

I joined a gym.....bleck!

Since good ole Kentucky has turned into a desert in the last couple weeks, I have not been able to get outside and exercise.  After a long day at work, I do not feel like walking in 90+ degree temps.  Nuff said!  Determined not to lose any ground (healthwise), I made a gut wrenching decision.  I joined a fitness center.  I am still cringing......this is so not me.  Lol.  I do not like the whole idea, yet I seem to have fallen victim to the easy factor.  The gym is air-conditioned, open 24 hours a day and somewhat allergen-free.  Great, great and GREAT!! I hate every minute that I am there, but my hubby reinforced my positive trend last night.  We were snuggling and he actually told me that he could see and feel my body changing.  Woohoo. This is big time, friends!!!  My hubby is not one to throw around compliments.  If he says it, he means it. top things off, I tried on a skirt this morning that had been deep in the bowels of my "hopeless, just go ahead a give me to Goodwill" section of my closet.  You gals know this section, it's the one that no matter what we do, we will probably never be able to revisit :(  Well let me tell ya, that skirt fit well.  Happy Friday to me!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

No more fat feet!

How's that for a blog title?  I don't know if I am the only one or not, but when I gain weight, my shoe sizes increases.  When I lose weight, my shoe size decreases.  I suppose that is somewhat normal, but it irritates me that I can range anywhere from a size 8-9.  This morning when getting ready, I kept eyeing my favorite pair of Lifestrides and I so wanted to slip them on.  The problem?  Even though I have lost a good amount of weight now, my dang feet were still a bit on the pudgy side (boy do women scrutinize our bodies!).  Just for kicks, I decided what the heck--I would forgo comfort for fashion.  Guess what, y'all?  They fit wonderfully and were a bit loose even.  Can I get a big heck yeah? 

I realize this post is meant to be light and in good fun, but really.....we should celebrate the small joys of life whenever possible.  Cute shoes on thin feet count in my book.  Check out my super cute shoe, too!

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." Marilyn Monroe

Thursday, June 21, 2012

O' The Glory Did Roll.....

This is an old Southern Gospel tune; one that I doubt many of you have heard of.  It is sooo lovely.  Written by G.T (dad) Spears, probably in typical shaped-note fashion, it is truly something.  This song is one of my first recital songs at the age of 8.  Throughout the years of piano and voice lessons, I was blessed to study under several accomplished pianists and was introduced to many different genres of music.  I am equally at home pounding out "Sonatina Pathetique" as I am playing a jazzy, old hymn.  Many of y'all probably don't know this, but my major when exiting high school was piano with a minor in church music.  I received a full scholarship at a prestigious local Christian university.  At that time, I decided to marry and have children instead of pursuing a degree in music.  Regardless of my decision, music continues to live in my heart and is indeed my lifeline. 

Several years ago, I was blessed to attend the Stamps-Baxter School of Music in TN and even accompanied a bit.  It was a glorious experience.  Take a listen to this lovely song as performed by the SBS of Music.  Ahhhh!  Lord willing, out daughter will attend in a couple of years.  She is so sweet as she is already allowing me to teach her basic conducting and theory ;)  At her age, I was good, but not as blessed as she is.  Last night I overheard her singing an Adele song (of all things!) and she absolutely blew me away. 

This week we have been attending a local Seperate Baptist church camp and this song was sang one night.  It took me straight back to my childhood.  Good is good!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Working My Way Up

First of all, I really and truly love Sandra Bullock.  I love the story of her life, love her movies...I think she is an all around swell gal. Because of this, I decided to use the above pic of her for my hairstyle transformation.  Now, I know y'all are thinking I chickened out and I suppose that would be accurate.  This is far longer than any of the pic I had been posting, but the fact is......I just love my long hair.  So, I decided a bit at a time would be more comfortable.  To get the above style, I had my stylist whack off 5"!  This weekend if time allows, I will get highlights. 

The good, the bad and the ugly:

The good:  Obviously, the hairstyle has made me look younger, as I have heard that numerous times in the last few days.  My hair looks healthier and takes a bit less time to dry. 

The bad:  I do not like this style on me.  I have never liked my hair to lay on or slightly below my shoulders.  Longer or shorter feels right, so my attempt to take things slow appears to have been for naught.  My husband also thinks the length is still too long.......sigh.

The ugly:  Nothing to report here, but an ugly attitude on my part.  I think I need to be placed in time out!  Lol. 

So, you guess it, my hair will still be going up everyday with cute little sideswept bangs.  Sigh...the life of a woman!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday Five...

I realize today is Saturday, but technically it is my Friday as I am off on Mondays and it tends to put me a day behind.  Make sense?  Probably not, I am a rambling fool most days!  Anywho, I am stealing this idea from my darling cousin as I think it pretty cute!

Activities for the weekend:  Shopping and drive-in movie tonight; church and Gender Reveal party at my sisters home tomorrow afternoon (woohoo!!!  I'm thinkin' boy!)

Currently Reading:  All That is Bitter and Sweet, Ashley Judd.  I really love this book so far.  I am typically an Amish Fiction reader, but have been trying to step out of the box and read a bit from our Ky. section.  Also, who doesn't love Ashley Judd!

My favorite quote:
I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him. ~Abraham Lincoln
 I am currently listening to:  Moves like Jagger, Maroon 5
I feel:  Elated, content and love my new shoes.  Lol, always a bit of randomness going on in my brain!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Do # 2

As promised, here is the second style I am considering.  I really do love it and think it would feel so wonderful in the summer months (after I got used to it, of course!)  Tell me what y'all think...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

'Do numero uno

Sooo.....this is one hairstyle I just keep going back to.  I love it, not totally sure it's me, but it's in the running for sure.  Tell me what y'all think?  Does it look like an early to mid-30's conservative youth services librarian hairdo?  Lol...

Edited to Add:  I do not, in fact, look like this amazingly beautiful woman.  I do, however, have the same color hair, eyes and complexion as she does (not to mention a bigger nose and fatter face :(

Sunday, June 3, 2012

To cut or not to cut?

My hair, that is.  I've always had fairly long hair.  Usually below the shoulders and a lot can be said for the ease of styling long, straight hair.  I do appreciate being able to throw my hair up in a clip or ponytail if need be, but the last year or so, I've realized it's probably not the best look for me anymore.  The cold, hard fact is this:  I am aging.  While I am far from being old at almost 32, I must face the fact that I am a mature woman.  They gray is creeping up on me and my style is changing.  My profession has changed and a mature, responsible hair style is expected.  I'm stubborn and have been resisting--most days my hair goes in a stylish updo with sideswept bangs and quite frankly, I can rock that style. 

The real kicker came this morning while getting ready for church.  My husband was staring at me and he frankly said "I think it's time for you to keep your hair short".  I could have fallen over.  My dear, very southern, traditional hubby has always ask that my hair stay long.  Whenever I have stepped out and went above the shoulders, he never hesitated to express his displeasure.  Y'all, I thought I would be happy when he finally wanted my hair cut, but today.....I feel old!  Lol.  Even though I agree with him, it's quite a change for me.  After all, southern women should always have impeccable heels, nails and hair!  Like any other change in life, I will embrace the change, but now the question of how short to go.  In the next few days, I will post some pics of possible styles and let y'all help me make my decision!   

Friday, June 1, 2012

My own bucket list...

As I sit here pondering what I will be doing this weekend (my daughter is spending the weekend with her grammy), simple things come to mind.  1)  My hubby!  Very rarely do we get to spend time together alone.  I want nothing more than to snuggle up with him in our cozy bed and nap.  My head still feels amazing on his chest...sigh.  2)  Good food!  We are foodies and because of this and our location, most of our meals are prepared at home.  We have to travel a great distance for good food.  When our six year old is with us, her picky palette and the need to quick eats, limit us.  3)  A good movie.  A movie that isn't made for audiences under 10 is a rare treat for us.  Unfortunately, all adult movies playing right now are horrid :( 

Y'all can probably see that it takes very little to make me happy.  Today I was thinking about what I would put on my bucket list, should I make one.  My list is surprisingly short!

1)  Take a trip with my best friend to Savannah
2)  Travel the country in a camper with my hubs and a very leisurely pace.
3) Have my own classroom
4)  Publish a children's book
5)  Attend Le Cordon Bleu
6)  Hang out with the Pioneer Woman on her ranch
7)  Attend a Barefoot Contessa Party
8)  Take a cruise to Alaska
9)  Have the courage to enter a "REAL" karaoke contest instead of just winning the hokey ones around here.
10)  Never forget the sound and inflections of my loved ones voices after they have passed.

Glancing over my list, most of my desires are blessed am I?  My bucket list would have been much different last year--it's amazing how GOD has prospered my family and myself this year.  I am so blessed and give GOD the glory and the praise for all he has done.  We are so undeserving.