Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Working My Way Up

First of all, I really and truly love Sandra Bullock.  I love the story of her life, love her movies...I think she is an all around swell gal. Because of this, I decided to use the above pic of her for my hairstyle transformation.  Now, I know y'all are thinking I chickened out and I suppose that would be accurate.  This is far longer than any of the pic I had been posting, but the fact is......I just love my long hair.  So, I decided a bit at a time would be more comfortable.  To get the above style, I had my stylist whack off 5"!  This weekend if time allows, I will get highlights. 

The good, the bad and the ugly:

The good:  Obviously, the hairstyle has made me look younger, as I have heard that numerous times in the last few days.  My hair looks healthier and takes a bit less time to dry. 

The bad:  I do not like this style on me.  I have never liked my hair to lay on or slightly below my shoulders.  Longer or shorter feels right, so my attempt to take things slow appears to have been for naught.  My husband also thinks the length is still too long.......sigh.

The ugly:  Nothing to report here, but an ugly attitude on my part.  I think I need to be placed in time out!  Lol. 

So, you guess it, my hair will still be going up everyday with cute little sideswept bangs.  Sigh...the life of a woman!


  1. Are you going to let it grow out or cut it shorter than this? I'm sure it's cuter than you think.

  2. I think I will cut it shorter. It's cute and I've received many compliments, but momma just isn't happy :)

  3. Then are you shooting for Mandy Moore's do?

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