Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Favorite Foundations, Post-Rosacea dx

So, friends, Rosacea stinks.  The redness is itchingly painful, the papules make one look line an overly mature teenagers who can't get control of their acne, and it is a confidence defeater for sure.  Just when I felt like my hormones were leveling out, I started having issues almost over night.  I was barely 30.  My mother, who also has this issue, recognized the rash and suggested I see a Dermatologist.  My diagnosis was confirmed and suddenly, I had a skin routine full of creams and daily low-dose antibiotics.  As if that wasn't bad enough, I was faced with covering up this terrible redness with product.  My Dermatologist was little help where make-up was concerned; his suggestion was to experiment.  Since I have always had issues with sensitive skin, I have never been one to use cheap make-up.  For years, I wore Clinique.  When Clinique began to bother me, I moved to Merle Norman.  Merle is still my fav and I use it almost exclusively.  The only issue with Merle is that is cannot be bought in department or drug stores.  My local Merle is about an hour away.....sometimes I don't have an hour when I run out of foundation!  Lol. 

Many brands of cosmetics market and sell anti-redness products.  For me, I tend to concentrate of finding a foundation that is non-irritating vs. using a product that is a cream to reduce redness.  Since I have extremely oily skin, using creams and primers under my foundation is pointless, but for some, the anti-redness creams may be a good option.  Merle Norman offers anti-redness foaming cleanser, powder and cream.  I have used them all and am not sensitive to them.  This is my favorite Merle foundation. For those with normal skin, the Aqua Base foundation is great too.  I've found both to be lightweight and long-lasting.

My other go-to foundation is Cover Girl's Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation.  What?  I know, I know...a cheap store brand?  I found this by surprise.  I had unknowingly run out of foundation and needed to fix up asap.  I proceeded to drive in to the nearest hick town and this was all I could find in my shade.  I absolutely love it.  It goes on smoothly, is not heavy, provides moderate coverage and does not irritate me whatsoever.  Plus, at a cost of $10, little is lost if it doesn't work for you. 

In discussing the good, we must discuss the bad....What hasn't worked for me:  Bare Minerals anything. It's a burning, horrid disaster for me.  My face looks like it has 2nd degree burns after using.  Bad!  Neutrogena anything. Most anything that says for sensitive skin.  Clinique products, and MARY KAY!  MARY KAY is the worst for me.  I wore this for my wedding and it was a terrible mess. 

Hopefully this helps all those who suffer with Rosacea. 

Skin issues **Update**

My previous post was concerning my horrid skin.  Seriously, we all talk about flakiness, oily areas and the like, but my skin is truly terrible.  I've always had a extreme amount of shine within 25 minutes of applying make-up.  No brand, or skincare regime has really helped.  Despite the shine, I have dry patches of dermatitis around my eyes, nose and forehead.  To add insult to injury, at the age of 30, I also developed Rosacea.  Trust me, it's no fun :(  I always feel/look irritated. 

In my last post, I was going to make some changes, mostly by increasing intake of water, adding in organics and the like.  So....*drumroll*.......sadly, I saw no difference in 30 days or even 60 days.  It seems my body and skin hates me.  On a serious note, I have some autoimmune dysfunction and I believe that is a great deal of my problem.  After a trip to a rheumy last month (long overdue), I got some much needed diagnoses and it was recommended that I go gluten-free.  My Hashimotos, SI Joint inflammation and skin issues should all respond or so said my Doc. I left the office more than willing to try.  DD has asthma, so I had been mindful of the ill effects of gluten and had been praying about making a big change. 

So, we are 30 days in and I am seeing results.  It is amazing.  My pain level is down, the redness in my face is better and my Keratosis Pilaris is looking better.  I am quite shocked.  I use Johnson's baby shampoo on my face (what my derm recommended) and use coconut oil nightly for moisturizer.  Honestly, that's it.  I haven't put any steroidal creams on my face in over a week.  Now, I hate to jump on the miracle diet train, and am skeptical, but I haven't had such real results before.  Just sayin'

Will attempt to update again soon. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

This morning's Sermon....

This morning our sermon was hit me so hard, that I honestly wish I had stayed home and not heard the word.  I know that sounds terrible and it IS terrible, but I feel so burdened.  Surely others felt the same way, but I find myself with a real dilemma.  It seems that I always have a real spiritual dilemma anymore.  You see, several months ago, I started praying for true spiritual discernment...I ask GOD to break my heart for the things that break his; to show me areas in which I need to grow; to show me my gifts and where I can be of use.  While I wanted clarity, sometimes it is really overwhelming.  I feel he has shown me more than I can really even deal with at times.  For months, I felt led to leave my dream job.  Finally, I found the courage to do so....and the end result was misery for me.  My days were very unsatisfactory and I just didn't understand.  In the last month, GOD has powerfully shown me why I left my previous job.  With this resolution, I found peace, and I am thankful.  Suddenly, I feel thrown into another spiritual puzzle...does anyone else ever feel this way?  This morning's message was titled "Excuse Me".  I am going to share my pastor's outline...

Luke 9:49-62
I. What or Who does your life revolve around? - Lk. 14:16-24
A. It's my world, you're just living in it (Life is about me).
B. Family First?
1. The importance of being equally yoked - II Cor. 6:14
2. Kids (Grandkids) rule, right?
**We are sacrificing our kids on the altar of ________**
C. Stuff (possessions, hobbies, events, etc.)
II. What's your motto?
A. I don't let Jesus get in the way of living life.
B. I don't let life get in the way of following Jesus.

I encourage you to really think about what your life revolves around.  Most of us, would quickly say our families, right?  Normally positive intentions push us to make a great life for our family and especially children.  We work hard to provide entertainment, allow for sporting activities, birthday parties, etc.  I mean heaven forbid, we have a child who hasn't been given the opportunity to be an athlete worthy of a scholarship or a child who is lacking in social skills.  We want our kids to have great clothing, be popular or at least accepted, and a host of other things.  You know, on most nights, I rush from one event to another...very few of which are church-related.  Often, I'm conflicted about this, but do little to stop it. 

Even worse, for 15 years, I've allowed myself to attend a church that I do not like just to please my husband.  I've allowed Satan to convince me that attending church as a family is more important than my spiritual growth.  God has been showing me show much and I am ready to set the world on fire.  The tough part is, my husband isn't willing to go with me.  This message today confirms what I've been feeling for months and it scares the crap outta me.  Time to move on...time to branch out.  Time to take ahold of GOD's commandments and obey my number 1.  Live with passion, everyone.  That's where the fulfillment lies. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

So, it appears that Fall has kicked in very nicely.  This morning was a cool 53 degrees and trees are beginning to turn slightly.  The air is crisp and fresh.  While this SHOULD be motivating to me, I have felt so lazy the last couple of days.  Because of this, I have no desire to cook.....I can promise you, however, my family has not lost their desire to take nourishment.  This week's menu is feeling quite tentative, we'll see.  This week we will have our usual soccer practices, games and church change will be Saturday evening.  My sweetie and I will be celebrating our anniversary a few days early as the actual date falls mid-week.  I have no idea WHAT we are doing (or what I am buying my husband either...eep!).

This is what I'm thinking:

Monday:  Potato soup, cheese and crackers, Nutella brownies

Tuesday: Pork chop and hashbrown potato casserole, greens, biscuits with pumpkin butter

Wednesday:  Broccoli chicken, rice, pre-packaged eggrolls

Thursday: Subway (out)

Friday: Leftovers or restaurant.  On Fridays, I travel a good distance to get babygirls allergy injections and try to pick up groceries for the week while we are in the city.  Often, I pick up a pizza as it is 7ish when we get out of the grocery.

Saturday: Anniversary dinner

Sunday: Pork Roast with cooked carrots and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and cornbread.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

On any given day, many things are buzzing through my mind (I am a wife and mother, after all).  I am a major planner and list maker, so I feel it only natural that I do lists on my blog.  I make lists for groceries, meal plans, education, clothing needed to properly outfit my prep, etc.  Oddly enough, I don't make honey-do lists for my husband.  That is another  My great love of reading prompts me to keep book lists as well.  If time allows, I will read a book per day!!  My Vera must be big enough to carry a print book as well as my e-reader.  Today, I will provide you will a top 10 of my favorite books as of late.  Probably won't be hard to spot this librarian's favorite genre :)

1) Lisa Scottoline's, Don't Go
2) Lisa Scottoline's, Daddy's Girl
3) Lisa Scottoline's, Think Twice
4) Wanda E Brunstetter's, The Hope Chest
5) William Davis', Wheat Belly
6)Danielle Steel, Until the End of Time
7) Danielle Steel, A Gift of Hope
8)Jentezen Franklin, The Spirit of the Python
9) Jentezen Franklin, Fear Fighters
10) Julie Andrews', Home: A Memoir of My Early Years

Happy Reading!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Souper Burger, my way...

Every so often, I include souper burgers in my menu and I decided I needed to post a recipe/explanation.  While it is true that I often make typos and don't bother to take time to catch them with spellcheck (sorry), I haven't misspelled the name of this is indeed S-O-U-P-E-R.  The above picture is an good ole sloppy joe.  We are all familiar, right?  My recipe is nothing like a sloppy joe, other than the sloppiness (which my family totally enjoys) and the texture.  While perusing the internet, I found that souper burgers do exist outside of my little "Mayberry" world and that my mother isn't the creator of this recipe.  This breaks my heart in a way because I thought this was a recipe my mother came up with just for her darling children.  Darn her for misleading me :(  Anyway, my recipe has evolved from my mother's a bit and I truly DID NOT see any like mine online, so I will share.  This recipe is great for a busy night and is a messy, kid-pleaser.  It must be eaten with your hands, and will someway somehow manage to end up on your lap, shirt and table area every time.  This recipe is not terribly unhealthy, but the sodium content is quite high.  Please keep that in mind.

1 lb of hamburger meat, crumbled, browned and drained.
1 can Campbell's French Onion soup
salt and pepper to taste (easy on the salt and the soup is loaded for bare)
cornstarch and water for thickening.
sliced swiss or provolone cheese
King's Hawaiian rolls

This is so easy, you will feel as though I've left a step out...promise I haven't.  Brown hamburger, pour in can of soup and allow to simmer until slightly reduced.  I add a bit of salt and pepper, then add my slurry for thickening.  This mixture should be quite thick.  You want the consistency of sloppy joe's.  Now, this is where I differ from my mom.  She would plop this mixture on top of a piece of bread and we were blissfully ignorant that things could be better.  I use King's Hawaiian rolls that have been split in half.  I smear them with a bit of butter and toast them before adding the meat.  Add meat and cover with a slice of provolone or swiss cheese.  Usually, I add a bit of mayo as well.  In my family, each person gets two sliders, but I have also served this when I needed smaller portions such a church small groups, parties, etc.  Should easily serve 10-12. 

Meal Plan Monday

I have exactly 8 minutes to make this post happen as I have supper in the oven as we speak :)  This week, babygirl is on Fall Break and while we were afraid to make vaca plans due to family health issues, we have lots planned at home.  I allowed babygirl to choose the meal plan this week...I think she did a pretty good job!

Monday:  Spaghetti, mixed salad and garlic cheese muffins
Tuesday:  White beans with ham, corn muffins
Wednesday: Souper burgers, baked fries, and carrots and dip
Thursday: Chicken stir-fry, beans and mushrooms with oyster sauce, and rice
Friday: Eat out
Saturday: Mom's choice, undecided
Sunday:  Mexican night:  Chicken quesadillas, refried beans, chips and homemade salsa and guacamole.

Even though we are on Fall Break, we still have soccer practice and youth, so we will still have busy nights.  Tonight, is a free night, so I will be making both pumpkin and apple butters.  Yummy! 

Lunch is usually leftovers from the previous night and salad.