Monday, October 14, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

So, it appears that Fall has kicked in very nicely.  This morning was a cool 53 degrees and trees are beginning to turn slightly.  The air is crisp and fresh.  While this SHOULD be motivating to me, I have felt so lazy the last couple of days.  Because of this, I have no desire to cook.....I can promise you, however, my family has not lost their desire to take nourishment.  This week's menu is feeling quite tentative, we'll see.  This week we will have our usual soccer practices, games and church change will be Saturday evening.  My sweetie and I will be celebrating our anniversary a few days early as the actual date falls mid-week.  I have no idea WHAT we are doing (or what I am buying my husband either...eep!).

This is what I'm thinking:

Monday:  Potato soup, cheese and crackers, Nutella brownies

Tuesday: Pork chop and hashbrown potato casserole, greens, biscuits with pumpkin butter

Wednesday:  Broccoli chicken, rice, pre-packaged eggrolls

Thursday: Subway (out)

Friday: Leftovers or restaurant.  On Fridays, I travel a good distance to get babygirls allergy injections and try to pick up groceries for the week while we are in the city.  Often, I pick up a pizza as it is 7ish when we get out of the grocery.

Saturday: Anniversary dinner

Sunday: Pork Roast with cooked carrots and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and cornbread.

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  1. Enjoy the brownies! I made 2 batches last week. I have a apple pie in the oven now.

    I frequently have a hard time finding the love of cooking. It's better now that my kitchen has cooled down.