Sunday, October 20, 2013

This morning's Sermon....

This morning our sermon was hit me so hard, that I honestly wish I had stayed home and not heard the word.  I know that sounds terrible and it IS terrible, but I feel so burdened.  Surely others felt the same way, but I find myself with a real dilemma.  It seems that I always have a real spiritual dilemma anymore.  You see, several months ago, I started praying for true spiritual discernment...I ask GOD to break my heart for the things that break his; to show me areas in which I need to grow; to show me my gifts and where I can be of use.  While I wanted clarity, sometimes it is really overwhelming.  I feel he has shown me more than I can really even deal with at times.  For months, I felt led to leave my dream job.  Finally, I found the courage to do so....and the end result was misery for me.  My days were very unsatisfactory and I just didn't understand.  In the last month, GOD has powerfully shown me why I left my previous job.  With this resolution, I found peace, and I am thankful.  Suddenly, I feel thrown into another spiritual puzzle...does anyone else ever feel this way?  This morning's message was titled "Excuse Me".  I am going to share my pastor's outline...

Luke 9:49-62
I. What or Who does your life revolve around? - Lk. 14:16-24
A. It's my world, you're just living in it (Life is about me).
B. Family First?
1. The importance of being equally yoked - II Cor. 6:14
2. Kids (Grandkids) rule, right?
**We are sacrificing our kids on the altar of ________**
C. Stuff (possessions, hobbies, events, etc.)
II. What's your motto?
A. I don't let Jesus get in the way of living life.
B. I don't let life get in the way of following Jesus.

I encourage you to really think about what your life revolves around.  Most of us, would quickly say our families, right?  Normally positive intentions push us to make a great life for our family and especially children.  We work hard to provide entertainment, allow for sporting activities, birthday parties, etc.  I mean heaven forbid, we have a child who hasn't been given the opportunity to be an athlete worthy of a scholarship or a child who is lacking in social skills.  We want our kids to have great clothing, be popular or at least accepted, and a host of other things.  You know, on most nights, I rush from one event to another...very few of which are church-related.  Often, I'm conflicted about this, but do little to stop it. 

Even worse, for 15 years, I've allowed myself to attend a church that I do not like just to please my husband.  I've allowed Satan to convince me that attending church as a family is more important than my spiritual growth.  God has been showing me show much and I am ready to set the world on fire.  The tough part is, my husband isn't willing to go with me.  This message today confirms what I've been feeling for months and it scares the crap outta me.  Time to move on...time to branch out.  Time to take ahold of GOD's commandments and obey my number 1.  Live with passion, everyone.  That's where the fulfillment lies. 

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