Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Good morning!  It is a lazy (rainy and humid) kind of day.  A day in which I seem to lack any real motivation and I'm afraid that will show through in my post today.  Must get up and get a little something done today.

From my window:  I see my hanging ferns swaying in the humid breeze.  I see my front bushes desperately need a trim and I am thankful the rain quit long enough for my dear husband to get the yard mowed last night.  Looks so much better.

I am hearing:  Kip Moore singing "Hey Pretty Girl" and the sound of my clothes dryer (I did do something this morning, ha!)

I am feeling:  A bit lonely.  My baby is sleeping soundly and my big girl is at school.  I miss her terribly after being with her all Summer. My desire was to homeschool her, but she was placed in the classroom of an amazing teacher and I felt best sending her.  So far it's been an amazing year and while I am happy for her, I miss her cute self.

In the kitchen:  The scent from last nights supper still lingers....cabbage with smoked sausage, baked potatoes and hoecakes.  As usual, I have a few dishes in the sink and dishwasher is currently running.  Lunch will be a salad and bacon and tomato sammies.  Supper will be chicken and dumplings. 

In the garden: My garden has passed its prime.  Still currently getting tomatoes, green peppers and harvesting potatoes one hill at a time.  Need to plant some fall crops ASAP.

On the farm:  Livestock are looking good, have two a few chickens setting as we speak and last cutting of hay will be ready soon.  Busy, busy, busy.

Thought for the day:  Children learn from and follow example much better than just getting parental advice.

Plans for the week:  Hubby and I both have dentists appointments, baby girl begins soccer with a meet and greet later in the week.  Actually for us, a very calm week.