Thursday, April 18, 2013

Derby Time is Quickly Approaching....

I am not really a Derby lover.  The hubs and I don't party it up, but I realize the importance of accepting/promoting the culture of our State.  Sooo....I have been teaching a Derby unit at work.  Being a Children's Librarian is so much more than helping a child choose an appropriate book.  We are constantly looking for ways to educate while promoting culture and literacy enrichment.  Again, the Derby is not my thing, but.....I will admit that I am enjoying this unit very much.  Yesterday, my homeschool group, did stipple art with an impressionism vibe.  We stippled lovely thoroughbred horses adorned with red rose garlands.  We listened to the University of Ky. chorale sing "My Old Ky. Home" and we created virgin mint juleps.  On Friday, my Toddler group will make jockeys our of leftover Easter eggs and we will continue our horse theme.  Next week, I have a local presenter coming who has miniature horses....:)

Below are a couple ideas for educating children on the Ky. Derby:

~ Read "Gaston Goes to the Kentucky Derby" by James Rice
~Make Jockey Eggs (appropriate for ages 3-8)

~Make virgin mint juleps.  I didn't use any particular recipe.  I used a combo of unsweet tea, mint, ice and powdered sugar.  The kids had fun shaking their own concoction.
~Derby Hat Making Contest!  This can be so fun.  Gather materials such as glitter, ribbon, rhinestones, etc. and use old hats to come up with a unique creation.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My crazy, wonderful, amazing hubby ;)

Don't you just love a husband who is amazing, yet humble.  My hubby is one of those who loves to laugh, is intensely macho, yet has a serious sensitive side.  He isn't really the jealous type but can be fiercely possessive at the same time.  We have such interesting text  Here is our most recent....

Hubby: The back of my neck is sweating....I hate that crap. 
Me:  What?  Do you feel sick?
Hubby: NO, I think my hormones are changing.....Love you, baby!  (He is making fun of me because at 32, I am entering into perimenapause, and he has been hearing this from me lately).
Me: I love you more, and let it be said that I dig your sarcastic bullcrap.
Hubby: Never forget who rocks your boat! 

Haha!  I love this man.  15 years and going on strong :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

Oh. Emmm.  Geeee.  I am finally posting after a ridiculous sabbatical. As I've said in the past, blogging is somewhat therapeutic for me and I need some therapy!  Lol.  On a serious note, depression and anxiety runs in my family on both sides, so I feel like I get a double dose of this illness.  I've really never medicated myself, but I have learned how vital it is to recognize the symptoms of my downward spiral and to take action.  For me, exercise, prayer, music and writing really, really help.  As of late, my typical grumpiness and negativity have returned with a vengeance, so here I sit, forcing myself to make time for something I enjoy.  As busy moms, wives and daughters, we often (always) neglect ourselves, and while are intentions are good, we SUFFER.  This week will be very busy with soccer FOUR nights this week.....ugh.  I work late two nights, have to work in allergy shots and the countless other normal activities.  So, this post will be short and simple ;)

From my window: I see our lovely green grass that my hubby has worked so hard on this Spring. I also see that my windows could use a quick cleaning :)

From my kitchen: Despite two loads of dishes yesterday, my sink runneth over (this is typical for me), otherwise, clean and organized!

I am cooking: Made a big Mexican feast last night and still have some leftovers, but I will stick a huge roast in the oven shortly, and am hoping for at least two meals from this roast.  Will barbeque a portion of it.  Mashed potatoes and green beans will round out tonights meal along with peach cobbler for dessert.

I am reading: Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth and the book of Ezekial.

I am listening to:  The sound of a John Deere tractor in the field across from our home. A boom sprayer is attached to the back...not sure what they are spraying, but am thankful the wind isn't up and blowing the spray our way.

I am watching: Just finished up Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds". Very good movie!

I am thinking: How much I miss my family on Monday's and how much I dread going to work tomorrow.

Be blessed! Our weather is going to be fantastic this week and I pray for the same for all my readers :)