Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My crazy, wonderful, amazing hubby ;)

Don't you just love a husband who is amazing, yet humble.  My hubby is one of those who loves to laugh, is intensely macho, yet has a serious sensitive side.  He isn't really the jealous type but can be fiercely possessive at the same time.  We have such interesting text sessions...lol.  Here is our most recent....

Hubby: The back of my neck is sweating....I hate that crap. 
Me:  What?  Do you feel sick?
Hubby: NO, I think my hormones are changing.....Love you, baby!  (He is making fun of me because at 32, I am entering into perimenapause, and he has been hearing this from me lately).
Me: I love you more, and let it be said that I dig your sarcastic bullcrap.
Hubby: Never forget who rocks your boat! 

Haha!  I love this man.  15 years and going on strong :)

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