Thursday, April 18, 2013

Derby Time is Quickly Approaching....

I am not really a Derby lover.  The hubs and I don't party it up, but I realize the importance of accepting/promoting the culture of our State.  Sooo....I have been teaching a Derby unit at work.  Being a Children's Librarian is so much more than helping a child choose an appropriate book.  We are constantly looking for ways to educate while promoting culture and literacy enrichment.  Again, the Derby is not my thing, but.....I will admit that I am enjoying this unit very much.  Yesterday, my homeschool group, did stipple art with an impressionism vibe.  We stippled lovely thoroughbred horses adorned with red rose garlands.  We listened to the University of Ky. chorale sing "My Old Ky. Home" and we created virgin mint juleps.  On Friday, my Toddler group will make jockeys our of leftover Easter eggs and we will continue our horse theme.  Next week, I have a local presenter coming who has miniature horses....:)

Below are a couple ideas for educating children on the Ky. Derby:

~ Read "Gaston Goes to the Kentucky Derby" by James Rice
~Make Jockey Eggs (appropriate for ages 3-8)

~Make virgin mint juleps.  I didn't use any particular recipe.  I used a combo of unsweet tea, mint, ice and powdered sugar.  The kids had fun shaking their own concoction.
~Derby Hat Making Contest!  This can be so fun.  Gather materials such as glitter, ribbon, rhinestones, etc. and use old hats to come up with a unique creation.

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