Sunday, January 12, 2014

Skin issues **Update**

My previous post was concerning my horrid skin.  Seriously, we all talk about flakiness, oily areas and the like, but my skin is truly terrible.  I've always had a extreme amount of shine within 25 minutes of applying make-up.  No brand, or skincare regime has really helped.  Despite the shine, I have dry patches of dermatitis around my eyes, nose and forehead.  To add insult to injury, at the age of 30, I also developed Rosacea.  Trust me, it's no fun :(  I always feel/look irritated. 

In my last post, I was going to make some changes, mostly by increasing intake of water, adding in organics and the like.  So....*drumroll*.......sadly, I saw no difference in 30 days or even 60 days.  It seems my body and skin hates me.  On a serious note, I have some autoimmune dysfunction and I believe that is a great deal of my problem.  After a trip to a rheumy last month (long overdue), I got some much needed diagnoses and it was recommended that I go gluten-free.  My Hashimotos, SI Joint inflammation and skin issues should all respond or so said my Doc. I left the office more than willing to try.  DD has asthma, so I had been mindful of the ill effects of gluten and had been praying about making a big change. 

So, we are 30 days in and I am seeing results.  It is amazing.  My pain level is down, the redness in my face is better and my Keratosis Pilaris is looking better.  I am quite shocked.  I use Johnson's baby shampoo on my face (what my derm recommended) and use coconut oil nightly for moisturizer.  Honestly, that's it.  I haven't put any steroidal creams on my face in over a week.  Now, I hate to jump on the miracle diet train, and am skeptical, but I haven't had such real results before.  Just sayin'

Will attempt to update again soon. 

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