Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Favorite Foundations, Post-Rosacea dx

So, friends, Rosacea stinks.  The redness is itchingly painful, the papules make one look line an overly mature teenagers who can't get control of their acne, and it is a confidence defeater for sure.  Just when I felt like my hormones were leveling out, I started having issues almost over night.  I was barely 30.  My mother, who also has this issue, recognized the rash and suggested I see a Dermatologist.  My diagnosis was confirmed and suddenly, I had a skin routine full of creams and daily low-dose antibiotics.  As if that wasn't bad enough, I was faced with covering up this terrible redness with product.  My Dermatologist was little help where make-up was concerned; his suggestion was to experiment.  Since I have always had issues with sensitive skin, I have never been one to use cheap make-up.  For years, I wore Clinique.  When Clinique began to bother me, I moved to Merle Norman.  Merle is still my fav and I use it almost exclusively.  The only issue with Merle is that is cannot be bought in department or drug stores.  My local Merle is about an hour away.....sometimes I don't have an hour when I run out of foundation!  Lol. 

Many brands of cosmetics market and sell anti-redness products.  For me, I tend to concentrate of finding a foundation that is non-irritating vs. using a product that is a cream to reduce redness.  Since I have extremely oily skin, using creams and primers under my foundation is pointless, but for some, the anti-redness creams may be a good option.  Merle Norman offers anti-redness foaming cleanser, powder and cream.  I have used them all and am not sensitive to them.  This is my favorite Merle foundation. For those with normal skin, the Aqua Base foundation is great too.  I've found both to be lightweight and long-lasting.

My other go-to foundation is Cover Girl's Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation.  What?  I know, I know...a cheap store brand?  I found this by surprise.  I had unknowingly run out of foundation and needed to fix up asap.  I proceeded to drive in to the nearest hick town and this was all I could find in my shade.  I absolutely love it.  It goes on smoothly, is not heavy, provides moderate coverage and does not irritate me whatsoever.  Plus, at a cost of $10, little is lost if it doesn't work for you. 

In discussing the good, we must discuss the bad....What hasn't worked for me:  Bare Minerals anything. It's a burning, horrid disaster for me.  My face looks like it has 2nd degree burns after using.  Bad!  Neutrogena anything. Most anything that says for sensitive skin.  Clinique products, and MARY KAY!  MARY KAY is the worst for me.  I wore this for my wedding and it was a terrible mess. 

Hopefully this helps all those who suffer with Rosacea. 

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