Friday, June 29, 2012

I joined a gym.....bleck!

Since good ole Kentucky has turned into a desert in the last couple weeks, I have not been able to get outside and exercise.  After a long day at work, I do not feel like walking in 90+ degree temps.  Nuff said!  Determined not to lose any ground (healthwise), I made a gut wrenching decision.  I joined a fitness center.  I am still cringing......this is so not me.  Lol.  I do not like the whole idea, yet I seem to have fallen victim to the easy factor.  The gym is air-conditioned, open 24 hours a day and somewhat allergen-free.  Great, great and GREAT!! I hate every minute that I am there, but my hubby reinforced my positive trend last night.  We were snuggling and he actually told me that he could see and feel my body changing.  Woohoo. This is big time, friends!!!  My hubby is not one to throw around compliments.  If he says it, he means it. top things off, I tried on a skirt this morning that had been deep in the bowels of my "hopeless, just go ahead a give me to Goodwill" section of my closet.  You gals know this section, it's the one that no matter what we do, we will probably never be able to revisit :(  Well let me tell ya, that skirt fit well.  Happy Friday to me!

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  1. Awesome! Congrats! I will probably join this fall so I can continue swimming.