Thursday, June 7, 2012

'Do numero uno

Sooo.....this is one hairstyle I just keep going back to.  I love it, not totally sure it's me, but it's in the running for sure.  Tell me what y'all think?  Does it look like an early to mid-30's conservative youth services librarian hairdo?  Lol...

Edited to Add:  I do not, in fact, look like this amazingly beautiful woman.  I do, however, have the same color hair, eyes and complexion as she does (not to mention a bigger nose and fatter face :(


  1. Wow, that's short. Still, I think it could look cute. If it doesn't then you can always let it grow out. :)

  2. This is gonna shock you, but it is one of the longest I have chosen! When I say I'm ready to change, I am READY FOR CHANGE! lol....