Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Simple womans daybook

I have enjoyed reading these type of posts on other blogs and though I would try my hand at it tonight.  Here goes:

Outside my window.....the sky is dark and calm.  A blessing after a couple of stormy nights.

I'm thinking it seems impossible to be so tired yet unable to sleep.

I am thankful husband and how he makes me feel needed, wanted and loved at all times.

From my learning......I am realizing going back to school has given me a great confidence boost.

From the kitchen.....My third load of dishes for the day is going in the dishwasher and everything is neat and tidy :)

I am wearing....comfy cotton shorts and a tank top, my usual bed attire.

I am creating......a scrapbook for a special friend.

I am bed SOON.

I am reading....nothing.  I always have a couple of books on my reading list, but have read everything and haven't been able to get to the library yet this week.

I am 5 yr old will like her first teacher and have an easy transition into KG in a couple weeks.

I am hearing.....the ceiling fan and air conditioner.  It has been dangerously hot this week and I am so thankful for my cool house!

Around the garden is producing an abundance of veggies and later in the week, I will be freezing sweet corn. 

For the rest of the week:  Picking peaches at local orchard and freezing them.  Freezing corn from the garden, making salsa.  Heading to college to finish up on my scheduling and to buy my books, going to the library, detailing my car and enjoying my birthday festivities this weekend.

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