Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pray for me...

No one said being a Christian was fact, it's the hardest thing I've ever done.  The closer you get to GOD, the harder Satan works in an effort to default your beliefs.  Most days I'm so thankful that I am not who I used to be; thankful that I see things in a different light.  Up until this point, being a Christian has not involved a lot of sacrifice on my part.  Even before being saved, I was, according to the world, a pretty good person.  I've never been drunk, never done an illegal drug, tried to live a moral life, etc.  I had more good going on that bad.  In the last month or so, one of my lifelines (seriously) has been a point of conviction in my life.  MuSiC!!!  Oh, how I love music.  There's nothing that can get me through a day like a good country song.  A song about hitting a back road, or the unique sound of George Strait's voice....I could go on and on.  Country has always been me...but lately...well, I just can't stand what country has become.  Nearly every song is pathetic.  I've always loved me some Alan Jackson because I thought he was pretty true to his roots, but if you pay attention to his songs/videos, alcohol and a practically naked woman/women are always included.  Some of the titles of the newest songs need no explanation.....Country girl (Shake it for me), One more drinkin' song, etc.  Heaven forbid, I EVER see my little girl shakin' it for some stranger who is lookin' her up and down.  I'm just done with letting this music filter into our lives.  I'm done with having to switch a song before a cuss word comes on, done with only listening to certain cd's when she isn't with me...DONE!  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.  It's gonna be sooo hard, I just love the sound of country music!  Grr....I guess I will be listening to more bluegrass, more contemporary christian and more oldies.

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  1. As I was telling you earlier today, I'm so disappointed in country music. They are trying to keep up with pop I believe. When I heard honky tonk badonkadonk by Trace Adkins being sung by my 4 year old niece I was horrified and not long after that I gave up my love of country music, much to the happiness of my husband and children. You can do it! I'm a Perry Como fan these days.