Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is anyone else Christmas shopping yet?

I have officially started.  Usually, I am done by the end of October and while I haven't set any specific goals for myself (lol), have started buying.  The last day of school for myself is Dec. 3rd and I intend to be done with shopping completely by then so I can truly enjoy my time off.  Goodbye micromanaged, getting up super early, running to school twice per day...all of it.  A 4 week reprieve will be greatly appreciated!  Anyhow, one of the perks of shopping early, is not having to deal with crowds and getting good deals.  Yesterday after dropping baby girl off at school, I went to Belk (one of my favorite stores) and found some amazing deals.  I was able to get my husband four Chaps button up shirts for 24 dollars total!  I also picked up two incredibly cute beaded cuff bracelets.  Seriously, I want them for myself, but they will be nice smallish gifts.  They would be perfect for babygirls teacher and instructional assistant, great little stocking stuffers...the ideas are endless.  I am suddenly kicking myself for not buying every stinking one of them :(  Can you guess how much I paid for these jewels?

Well, originally they were 15.99.  I paid 2.74!!  What a steal.  I've found when I find something like this, it's best to snatch it up.  I keep a Rubbermaid container in my closet for such buys.  These would be perfect for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, gifts for piano, dance or school teachers, etc.  I think I just talked myself into going back and buying more!  lol.  Right now is actually a great time to start shopping as most stores are offering good deals with the weather change.  People are updating fall wardrobe and discounts are deep to encourage that!  This year, more than ever, I will be looking for good deals.  We all need to be good stewards of what GOD blesses us with...there's just no reason to spend a fortune or even go into debt for the Christmas season.  We are to celebrate the birth of Christ...not to distract ourselves with more financial worry!

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