Monday, September 12, 2011

Checking in....

Today I am so busy I can barely breathe and I don't have much time to post.  I'm working hard to get my schoolwork under control so I can place my attention on the chaos our week will hold.  We have appointments every night after school and if makes me feel grumpy, very grumpy.  Not to mention we are all being plagued by allergies right now.

I just want to briefly talk about something that has been on my mind lately.  I am not going to complain or rant or rave...not even a bit.  I am sad.  Have y'all noticed how songs being played on Christian radio sound very secular?  For example, take a minute and listen to this song.  The song is catchy and upbeat and I really like the sound of it...honest, I do.  The problem I have is that the Lord is mentioned casually a few times and nothing about the song screams "Contemporary Christian".  I have no problem with the style of the song and I do not believe sacred music need be reverent, hymn-like or calm.  Pop and rock music with a Christian stamp is so needed in this world and I support it, but a person should have no problem identifying it from other more wordly artists.  Am I alone here?  What about Revelation 3:16, and what GOD tells us about being lukewarm?  How many of us are going to be "spit out of his mouth" for being mediocre in our walk with him?  Am I making a big deal out of this?  I don't think so, and as Christians we should be concerned with anything that doesn't appear absolute.  Again, I am not bashing Ms. Jamie Grace.  I think she is fabulous and I'm sure she loves the lord with all her heart, I just wish these upcoming artists would consider their witness a bit more.

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  1. It's a cute song! I see what you mean though. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I think many Christian radio stations are playing things like this because they are trying not to be too christian and push people away. Our local station, the Fish, says they play songs that will not offend, and this is that type of song.