Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good and stinky...

I know y'all are wondering what gives with the title.  Well, let me tell ya.  In the last week I have cooked, greens, cabbage and salmon patties.  Shew....Febreeze can't even take care of the smells.  My house has a very open plan and I can't keep kitchen odors confined to the kitchen.  The best thing I have found is to take the rind of a lemon, lime and orange and simmer them in water on the stove top.  The essential oils release and they offer a nice, light citrusy smell.  I do this a lot....sometimes daily.  We like stinky  I am going to share my recipe for salmon patties.  Baby girl loves these and I make them for her a couple times per month.

Start off by taking one can of salmon and remove bones.  The removing of the bones does not thrill me...I would gladly pay more for the bones to already be history!!  Once this chore is done, place in bowl and add one large egg.  Take two pieces of stale bread and tear into small pieces-this will be mixed into salmon mixture.  You will need 1/2 tsp each of garlic and onion powders.  It would be perfectly acceptable to use fresh minced onion and garlic here.  My family doesn't like raw onion and garlic much at all.  When making salmon patties, the inside is only warmed through, so you will chomp down on crunchy pieces of onion and garlic....ick. 

I also have 1/2 tsp of salt on my plate  You are ready to throw bread and seasoning in with salmon and egg mixture.  Mix together very well.  Mixing well will serve to purposes-one to break up any small bones that were missed (always happens) and to also incorporate the bread well.

Because my mama always did, I add approximately a TSP each of mustard and ketchup.  As an afterthought, I added about eight grinds of pepper as well.  Mix again until combined and form into patties.  I shape mine a bit smaller than a hamburger and usually end up with six.

At this point, many people add a crust...I do not.  If you chose to add a crust, you could do cornmeal, cracker crumbs or panko.  I think a cup of panko with a tbsp of Parmesan cheese might be pretty tasty.  Just make sure you dip your patties in egg first to help the breading stick.  You are ready to drop your patties into a 1/2 inch of heated vegetable oil.  I have to honest...I brown the fire outta these.  A super dark crust will make these extra crispy and delicious.  You have to trust me, mine end result looks burnt, but doesn't taste burnt in the least.  After pulling from the hot oil, I rest the patties on a double layers of paper towels for a couple minutes to absorb extra grease.

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