Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A huge part of my day....

So this post is a bit off the wall, but I thought it would be appropriate to post about something that consumes a major part of my day....the car rider pick-up line at my daughters school.  In the mornings, things aren't so bad.  A couple of local police officers direct traffic and I make it in and out in less than 15 minutes.  The afternoons, however, are not so fun.  I've found parents are so immature and selfish.  Quite frankly, no wonder so many children are little terrors these days....they learn these traits from their parents as far as I can tell.  Parents are supposed to line up two by two around a loop system until they approach the pick-up area and we are then supposed to drive single file.  Does that happen gracefully?  NO!  Everyday rivals a nascar race.  People are shaking fists, cutting each other off, flippin each other the bird.  I shouldn't be shocked, but honestly, I see something that blows my mind on a daily basis.  Parents start lining up an hour and a half before school lets out for the best spots.  I'll be honest, I thought this was ridiculous until I had to deal with the chaos that occurs towards the back of the line.  Sooo, I now get there early and sit in my car for an hour.  What do I do for an hour, well inevitably I need to pee.  This poses a problem as the entrance doors of the school are always locked.  I would have to walk a country mile to the front of the school and actually go to the office and check in before I could pee!  Geez!  So, let me introduce you to my bathroom.....

Yes, the porta-potty is a godsend for us car-rider parents.  Gross, but oh so necessary!  If, I am not running for the porta-potty, I can be found doing any number of things.  Things that would surely embarrass my daughter, but what she doesn't know can't hurt her.  I give myself mini-pedicures and manicures, makes lists (grocery, to-do, etc.),  I text a lot.  Note:  most people that know me well know I'm a very infrequent texter.  If you suddenly receive several texts in a row from me, you can bet I'm in the pick-up line.  Lol.  I study.  A lot.  I actually do a lot of my college reading in the car.  If I'm a really lucky girl, I will read a book for pleasure.  I also listen to my music appreciation cd's and interpret music as according to my assignments.  This is a funny one because my windows are always rolled down due to the heat and I can only imagine what others are thinking when they hear music from the Middle age, Renaissance and Baroque periods blaring from my car!!!  Opera anyone?  lol.  I try not to sing along to further humiliate the family :) 

The things we do for our children! 

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  1. You're funny! I remember the elementary school carpool. You're there for hours! The middle school wasn't so bad though, so only 5-6 more years and it may get easier ;0)! Ya know ya love me.