Thursday, September 8, 2011

Confession time: Clothes shopping.

Hows about another non-food related post?  I do not like to shop for clothing.  I hate it, actually.  Shopping for my daughter has always been more manageable.  At the age of Five, she has turned into a diva overnight.  Strangely enough, this happened about the time she started school-which is a whole other post in itself.  It has become necessary to build her fall wardrobe very quickly.  I thought we would have another month or so to do this, but we have gone from continuous 90-100 degree days to days with highs in the upper 50's.  Sooooo....we made a trip to the mall.  Clothing was to be purchased for babygirl and myself.  All of my fall clothing is too big and I desperately needed a few things myself.  The trip was a disaster.  Babygirl now hates anything I like and vice versa.  The experience was so frustrating and we do face a few non-typical limitations.  For one, babygirl is very girly and yet, traditional at the same time.  She loves to wear cute, long dresses, doesn't like character tees (thank goodness) and happens to be very petite for her age.  It's so hard for her to find something like she wants to wear that will actually fit properly.  In the past, we have had pretty good luck at Old Navy, but to be honest, I am so fed up with their lines.  Maybe I am the only one, but I have noticed a HUGE amount of inconsistency in their sizing.  Not to mention the quality issues.  I have had major shrinking, fading, peeling and the most annoying problem of small holes developing in the paper thin materials.  Does anyone else have these issues?

A friend of mine recommended The Children's Place to me and I decided to order a few things last week online.  I found the pricing to be very good.  At the time I ordered, a sale was going on plus a 15% online coupon and free shipping.  I was able to get her six shirts and three pairs of socks for 53 dollars!  I was pretty dang happy about that.  I was very pleased with the styling of their clothing overall and the quality is very, very good.  The cotton shirt arrived with a very soft and substantial feel and best of all.....babygirl loved them!  Yay! 

Shipping was also very fast.  If my next transaction goes as well, I think I will forever be converted. 

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