Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Hope everyone has a wonderfully relaxing weekend with those they love.  Let's all remember to not only make this a time for celebration, but one of reflection.  Are we teaching our children that everything should be a celebration with food and fun or are we teaching the a bit about sacrifice?  I would love to hear how some of y'all use Memorial Day as a opportunity to educate their children.  My hubby and I always visit our loved ones in the cemeteries as well as having babygirl write a letter to a soldier.  The letter writing will be particularly enjoyable this year as babygirl is an independent writer.  Of course, being the good ole' Southern family we are, we will have a cookout, too.  We will be having several people over on Sunday and as I sit here and type I realize I have much to do to get ready.  MUCH to do.  First things first, my menu.  I have a bit of a dilemma...I am a self-professed foodie.  My family members are not so much.  They enjoy plain jane food....basic grilled burgers and dogs along with the usual fixin's.  I long for fancier fare.  This weekend, I've decided to do it my way for a change and see how it goes.  

My menu:


Spinach Dip with assorted veggies and crackers
Caprese skewers
Marinated slow-cooked mushrooms


Pasta Salad
Prosciutto wrapped asparagus, roasted
Green Beans with bacon, onions and carrots
Banana Croquettes


Grilled hot dogs (for kids)


Banana Pudding
Fruit Salad


Sweet Tea
Strawberry Slush


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