Friday, May 25, 2012

Be in constant prayer....

I had a lovely post typed up that was seeminly eaten by Blogger (grrr), so this will be short and sweet.  As usual, it's something that is on my mind.  If you have a husband that is the real deal (as according to scripture), who supports you, prays for you, puts your needs above his, etc., PRAY FOR HIM.  Pray for his emotional and physical health.  He will be attacked.  Satan does not want strong fathers and husbands....strong men lead strong homes.  Strong families raise strong satan, this is a vicious cycles that must be stopped.  Godly men have a tough job ahead of them.  They are often taken advantage of, often by their own families.  Godly men must always consider the needs and desire of their family above their own.  It is stressful and tiring.  How often do you show your husband how thankful you are?  Do you ever sit back and look at his life empathetically?  I encourage you to do so.....

If your man has a stressful job, a position in the church or a position with children, his need for your prayer is even greater.  Finally, be a light to your can mean the world to them. 


  1. Read today's post on I hope hubs is okay. Hugs to you both! Text or call if you need anything or want to talk.

    1. He is okay, I am just frustrated (really frustrated) by so many things right now. People just flock to him because he can be trusted (and that is good), but I am tired of being ask for money all the time, I'm tired of seeing him give everything he has physically and emotionally...I guess I am being selfish. He feels such a desire to help others, but for once, I would like to have access to all our finances for just us...

  2. Just serve him...serve him in any way you can. Ask him what he needs from you. I'll pray for your heart as well as him meeting your needs. You're right in being a light for him. I would find that frustrating too!