Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's the day of the Derby....

and I couldn't care less.  My homestate is something I'm proud of, but horses, Derby festivities and snobby individuals invading the state...don't float my boat.  Churchill Downs is nice to visit and should be a source of pride for all Kentuckians, but that is where it ends for me.  The Derby represents so many things that are distasteful for me.  Firstly, I do not like animals being put on parade; gambling and betting are not my cups of tea and finally, I do not like the atmosphere of greed and facetiousness.  Everyone is trying to "one up" each other with finer dress, hats, bets, etc.  I just do not like it, Sam I am.  So, what's a gal like me to do on such a day?  My sweeties and I have been Geocaching, and I grilled out a delicious, healthy meal earlier.  We are now getting ready to head to the lake to walk, fish, and sit around a campfire.  A bit of blackberry wine and s'mores will be involved if I have anything to say about it.  Most of our friends will be there and an hour or two of karaoke will probably happen.  Lol. 

P.S.  IFFFFFF I were to attend the Derby, below is the hat I would have chosen.  I do love fashion, I just don't like being surrounded by!

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  1. Your life sounds magical! Oh, I would love to have a bonfire at the lake with friends. Have so much fun!