Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tidbit, my new niece or nephew....

I have some exciting news.....I am going to be an aunt again.  Our new bundle of joy will arrive mid-October and we do not know the sex as of yet, but I am affectionately referring to the baby as "tidbit".  The whole family is excited and the joy if abundant.  When I married my husband almost thirteen years ago, I inherited one niece and two nephews.  They have been like my own children, one in particular, but this will be my first experience of being able to go to the hospital when the baby is born, etc.  It will be a new experience.

Our babygirl is adopted, so I've had very little hospital/pregnancy experiences and I plan to enjoy every moment along with my sister and husband (if they will let me).  I pray that GOD will keep me grounded and allow the joy I feel now to continue and not let the sorrow creep in that it is her instead of me.  I also pray that tidbit and my sister progress and grow in the most healthy way.  God always knows best and I trust that he will guide our lives as he sees fit. 

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  1. Love you!

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