Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A top twelve for my hubby of 12 years....

Almost 12 years!!  Our anniversary is 4 days away and I decided he might just be important enough to blog about ;)  I met my hubby almost 13 years ago at the tender age of 17 and let me tell ya, I was not ready to be hitched.  Little did I know after four dates and two weeks, my heart would be his.  Disgusting, isn't it?  We were engaged in two months and my parents surely wanted to die.  As a parent of a little sweetie, I just can't even imagine what they went through, not do I want to attempt to empathize with them.  Our engagement was a bit longer....18 months.

My husband is about as country as they get....I was always attracted to the country boys.  They were always so fun....not full of themselves and really down to earth.  They were usually respectful and kind and what you saw was what you got.  Did I mention most farm boys had natural tans, nice muscles and big ole' farm trucks?  Lol.....I'm a sucker for boys like that!  Lol....anyhoo, my husband fit the category well!  He's never been afraid of hard work, loves the Lord with all his heart and is an amazing daddy.  He is real.  It's pretty safe to say he floats my boat on a daily basis....(think Kangaroo Love!!!).  As I was saying earlier, he is very country.  Now, I grew up on a farm, y'all.  I drove tractors, worked in tobacco, whatever needed to be done, but I wasn't anywhere as country as him.  His southern drawl is so strong it's scandalous, he can totally rock a pair of chaps, he can do it all :)  Seeing as we are getting ready to celebrate our anniversary, I thought I would do a list of 12 reasons why I love him more now than I did then....

12)  He is the only man I know who can rock Navy cologne.  It stinks on most people, but his body chemistry + Navy is amazing.

11)  He reaches for my hand first and often...sigh.  He is not afraid to hold my hand in public and initiates it often.
10)  This is somewhat related to 11, but it is so big to me I think it is worthy of it's own number.  His hands are rough and strong.  He is a hard working provider and his hands reflect that.  NO sissy, smooth hands for me.  GROSS!

9)  He like a good chick flick now and then.  Mr. Macho wouldn't openly admit this in his circle of friends, but he loves to watch a chick flick with me every so often!!

8)  He is my best friend.....he's not ashamed that I am his.  My hunny is the first to admit this.

7)  He tries his best to make my dreams come true.  If I want something, he makes it happen if possible.  He REALLY listens when I talk and will get me something I mentioned casually in a conversation months before just to make me happy.  I am always shocked and most often, I have forgotten even mentioning the item.

6)  He tells everyone I'm the best cook he's ever known...and he means it ;)  He told me after we married he always thought his momma was a good cook, but he was convinced he was wrong about that...aww!

5)  He is committed.  This needs no explanation.  I am blessed.

4)  He will forgo shaving for a few days every now and then because he knows I like stubble.

3)  He reads Dr. Seuss books to babygirl religiously because he knows she loves them.  He hates Dr. Seuss.

2)  He is adamant we pray together as a family every night before bedtime....he is a man that is secure in his faith.

1) Finally, every year for our anniversary, he sings me our song at 6:43 pm....the exact time when we were pronounced husband and wife. 

Now you see why he floats my boat?

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