Monday, October 17, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes....

Well, not exactly babe, my babygirl is almost 6 (I must come to terms with that!!), but she still pulls some pretty cute sayings out of her hat every now and then.  Babygirl was born premature and was born to a mother who already had an adoption plan in place for her.  Only premature by a couple of weeks, she needed no additional care and was taken to the newborn nursery immediately.  My husband and I went straight to the hospital when notified of her birth, but unfortunately, she spent 12 lonely hours in the nursery-alone.  She had no one to bond to, hold her close or whisper "I love yous".  Don't get me wrong, her nurses were wonderful, but they are not able to provide the care that a mother gives.  It's always broken my heart when I think about her laying in that nursery in a bassinet while all the other babies were in their mothers rooms.  As soon as we were able to bring her home, my husband and I began practicing Kangaroo Love.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Kangaroo Love is skin to skin contact.  We would sit in the recliner with her in her diaper only and lay her across our chests.  We would cover up with a soft blanket and she would cozy up and fall asleep.  It was precious and I really believe it helped to create a strong bond.  Studies have shown that Kangaroo Love is very effective and doctors recommend it highly. 

Long story short, I was telling babygirl all about her birth and how we used to hold her.  She thought the concept of Kangaroo Love was hilarious!  Out of the blue she ask "Mom, do you and dad ever practice Kangaroo Love on each other!?!  She thought she was being pretty funny and enjoyed the flush of my cheeks immensely.  About that time, my hubby walked in the room and I told babygirl to ask him.  Being the typical man, my hubby says "anytime we get the chance!".  HAHA!  Babygirl and my hubby continued to laugh at my expense, but it was a cute moment.  Hopefully she won't go to school today and talk about mommy and daddy practicing Kangaroo Love!