Monday, October 31, 2011

The Laughing Cow...

Light, French onion that is.  Has anyone tried these?  They are wonderful.  Creamy and delicious with only 35 calories and with 8% of RDA of Calcium!!  I bought a little round of these jewels about a week ago and I am hooked.  They are the perfect little pick-me up and are oh so good with some buttery crackers.  There's also pretty good without crackers....some people might eat them with their fingers.  I don't know who would do that, just saying.  I've been wondering why I've avoided trying these for so long and it probably was the 35 calorie deal.  I mean, most low-fat dairy products are pretty gross.  Believe me, there's nothing low-fat about the taste of this product.  Check it out!


  1. OMGosh! I love these things! I get all of the varieties. I put them in my scrambled eggs for different flavors so not to get bored on my low carb.

  2. Gasp! You mean you knew about them and hadn't told me!?! They are good and you can actually feel good eating them. Isn't that refreshing?

  3. Oh sorry! I have the queso and regular in my fridgidaire (name that movie) right now.