Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trying to catch my breath...

This past week has been incredibly busy and my blogging has been on my mind, but waaay back on the list of priorities.  My wonderful brother in-law just celebrated his 23rd birthday and my dear husband is celebrating his 34th tonight.  Our Five year old will be starting KG this year and I have been busy getting her ready for that.  Last week, we had her assessed (she passed all areas with flying colors) and this week we will be working on her physical.  We are required to show proof of eye, dental, hearing and physical exams.  Shew!  This weekend, I am having a yard sale and I don't even have to mention how much work it is to go through everything and price it all.....

So you see, I've had little time for me and I wish I could say I see a light at the end of the tunnel, but I don't. Lol.  More and more I find the need for organization in our lives and I am hoping to instill a bit of that into our five year old.  Mean ole mom came up with a chart this week for baby girl and it's dynamite.  Really, It's shocking how well she has taken to it.  Having just recently become a stay at home mom, I am on new territory here as well as my daughter and husband.  Our routines are changing and I needed to re-think a few things.  I am finding my daughter craves structure during the day and I do to.  So, I made her a handy dandy chore chart and here's what it looks like (neon pink cause my daughter is that kind of girl :)

Every day she is to....take vitamins, brush teeth (in that order!!  Must brush away those sugary vitamin remnants!), get dressed, do workbook, tidy up room, put all dirty laundry in hamper, collect eggs, help in garden as mommy needs, say prayers and practice piano.  On weekends, baby girl gets a break from piano and workbook work.  Also, realizing that she is only Five, she practices between 5 and 10 minutes on piano and does 2-3 kindergarten worksheet per day.  Baby girl loves to mark her chores off the list and is excited about her weekly and monthly rewards.  This week she has chosen a trip to the local drive-in as a reward!  The whole family benefits!  I would like to encourage all parents to make sure their children have responsibilities and are provided a good learning environment full of praise.  It is so much simpler and quicker for me to do everything for her, but what am I teaching her if I do!?!  Our children deserve our time, love and teachings! 

P.S.  I know this blog was originally intended to be a food blog and I must admit, it seems anything but that.   We'll just have to see!

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  1. We love our chore charts. I've been using them for years! Schedules are best for most children. Have fun with baby girl this summer!