Friday, June 10, 2011

The sour and the sweet.

Let's talk's a true southern drink.  Summer must include lots of sweet tea, lemonade and watermelon--in no particular order.  I prefer lemonade to tea and the mixture of tart and sweet always seems to quench my thirst like nothing else can.  I'm quite sure my granny introduced me to the wonderful concoction years ago.  All family gatherings are at her house and lemonade is always available.  It's a treat...even my diabetic mother allows herself to indulge.  A simple luxury.  Why do I have lemonade on the brain?  My sweet baby girl....

Since the age of three (she is now five), she has aspired to be a
lemonade seller" when growing up.  I've always chuckled to myself and went on.  Last weekend, our little family was discussing an upcoming yard sale and baby girl ask if she could have a lemonade stand.  I loved the idea and helped her make plans.  A couple days ago, baby girl ask if she could take donations only and give all her money to Relay for Life.  Such a big, compassionate idea for a little girl...she makes my heart melt.  You see, our family has had more than its fair share of loss to cancer and she has been affected.  No matter how hard we try to protect our children, we must not fool ourselves.  They are very intuitive.  Baby girl ask me to help her make a sign.

Really Y'all, I am proud as a peacock.  Tomorrow we will lovingly hand out lemonade in honor of all our loved ones and continue to push for a cure.  For you see, My daughters Paternal great-grandfather, granddad, grandma, Uncle, Maternal Granny and others deserve that.  Since 1999, our family has lost 11 members. 

Tomorrow, I will share my favorite recipe for lemonade and give a report on how baby girl did.  Y'all check back now, the recipe is tried and true and sooo good.

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