Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our new furbaby,,,,

Meet Miss Petunia Dandelion.  We think she is gorgeous, and are well aware this could be a face only a mother could love!!!!  After losing our Pekingese of 11 years (he was 13), we weren't sure whether we wanted another house dog.  I did a deep cleaning, cleaned the carpets, got rid of all the food bowls and was feeling pretty good about my neater, fresher smelling, dog hair free house.  Oh the glory of it---something I had never experienced in all my years of home ownership.  What changed?  Along with lessened responsibilities, we noticed our contentment and loved was also lessened.  We needed a house dog.  Quite frankly, my only child needed a playmate.  Soooo, we starting looking around a bit.  Being huge supporters of our local animal shelter, we had hoped to find something there.  It took about a month of checking in, but our dog soon made its appearance. 

Petunia wasn't perfect however, she had a horrible double eye infection.  The infection had affected her third eye lid in both eyes and we didn't know if she would require surgery and be able to maintain her vision or not.  She was a risk, but so worth it.  For seven days now, we have given her antibiotics orally and given her eye drops several times a day.  Her eyes that were swollen shut and constantly oozing are now clear.  Best of all???  Her vision seems to be perfect.  Being a hound, she can sniff with the best of them, came to us already house trained and has been spayed.  Miss Petunia loves baby girl and has become quite a playmate. 

So, we now have 2 dogs (1 in, 1 out), 1 cat awaiting the birth of her first litter, 17 fish, 9 chickens and 1 rooster.  Whew!  Have I ever told y'all we have a zoo!?!  On a serious note, I encourage everyone to check out your local animal shelters.  We have now adopted three purebred dogs for a minimal cost and the dogs have been wonderful.  My father has also had a great experience.  These animal are often spayed and neutered, vet checked and are brought up to date on all shots.  A wonderful way to grow your family!

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