Sunday, May 29, 2011

A vacation top 10

Our vacation has come and gone, but the memories will last forever.  No one got sick, argued, got lost or had any problems to speak of (besides sunburn) for a whole week.  That in itself is a miracle in my book.  We spent a great deal of time shelling, swimming, laughing and basically just being together.  Before we knew it, it was time to make the nine hour trip back to Kentucky.  Baby girl was sleeping in the back seat, my sweetie was navigating some fierce memorial day weekend traffic and I was quietly reflecting on our vacation week.  Mentally, I noted how different vacation is now that we have a child, are older and yes, a bit wiser.
Maybe y'all have noticed some of the same changes or maybe, just maybe, we are weird early 30 somethings......

1)  I am much more easily distracted and tend to do better with one or two projects at a time.  I noticed I am not as good at watching road signs, playing with the MP3 player and talking to my the same time, as a used to be.

2)  My husband and I are no longer speed demons.  Speed limits?  We never paid attention or cared before having precious cargo!  Now, we don't have to worry about getting a ticket--we aren't speeding.

3)  Rest stops are now my friend.  My five year old daughter seems to now have a stronger bladder than me.  How did this happen?

4)  My taste in music has changed.  I have always had eclectic taste.  One minute I'm listening to an old Charlie Pride song and the next minute I'm listening to Skillet.  Not so much anymore.  My Ipod is full of Country, Contemporary Christian and Bluegrass.  Still have a couple of rock songs on there, but they will be leaving

5)  Hello SPF 85, goodbye SPF 15 with tan accelerator.  My skin does thank me for this change, but it's another indicator that I am becoming as responsible as my mother and crave simplicity.  If it's the right thing for my baby girl, it's good for me too!

6)  I have turned into a Japanese-like tourist with a camera.  Snap, snap, snap....I feel like I have to capture every moment.  I do love photography, but I think I took like 600 pics this week. 

7)  Instead of scoping out cool eateries and the like when reaching our destination, I now look for urgent care centers and Wal-mart.

8)  Sensible, economical, gas-sipping cars have always been me.  I would rather DIE than drive a gas-guzzling SUV.  It's always irked me that people have one child and think they need an 8-passenger vehicle.  Now, after five years of parenthood I am about to cave.  I NEED THAT ROOM.  That room will allow my 6'4" feller to have leg room and have room to haul all the crap we feel we must have.  You know, the 4-wheeler, boat, etc.  Geez.

9)  Gone are the days of sleeping anywhere, anytime.  I know need MY bed and pillows.  The end.

10)  Finally, I love kiddo pools.  They are awesome.  The water is warm, the company is friendly (kids don't care about cellulite) and well, the bathrooms are always closer! 

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  1. I like your list! I'm glad y'all had such a great time!! Hugs!