Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just beachy....

Tomorrow morning, our little family of three will embark on a journey.  We will make the 700 mile trip to Gulf Shores.  This will be both my husbands and daughters first trip to the ocean.  My hubby is a country boy through and through and his idea of vacation involves rolling hills, lakes for fishing and trees.  I've never been able to get him to commit to a beach vacation and I finally put my foot down this year.  Our daughter will be starting Kindergarten this fall and I want to head to beach as one last hurrah of freedom.  Growing up, my parents frequented Panama City and it was nice but too commercialized for my liking.  Many of our friends love the GS area, so we decided to give it a try.

My goal is to take lots of pictures, eat as much fresh seafood as possible and just enjoy the time with my hubby and little girl.  This gal loves a good road trip and I cannot wait.  The Ipod is loaded, bags packed with new vacation clothing and I am ready to hit the road. 

My intention is to post reviews on the restaurants we attend....does anyone have any suggestions as to where we should do?

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  1. Cracker Barrel is a must in every state. Mom always made us stop there to use clean bathrooms and I always got a souvenir and stick candy. Have fun and I can't wait to hear about your escapades! Love ya!