Monday, March 5, 2012

The things I covet....

The bible gives clear instruction that we aren't to covet-that is, we are not to long for or desire things that others have.  We are to be happy with what GOD has blessed us with.  This has been fairly easy for me to take to heart in my Christian walk.  Much easier than forgiveness and loving others (especially crappy others), but that is a whole new post.  Lol. Some people covet Vera Bradley purses, some covet expensive makeup while others may covet their neighbors home.  What about me?  I covet cookbooks!  How crazy is that?  A new cookbook floats my boat...especially one with glossy, vivid and well shot pictures.  Sigh...nothin' better.  I read them like a book, sometimes over and over.  It really doesn't matter if I don't have time to cook any recipes in the book, I am content to look at them and analyze them.  What would I do differently?  How would I garnish?  What even would I like to fix particular recipes for? 

So, now that I've admitted one of sinful issues (lol), I must pass along the two new cookbooks I am salivating over.  Here's the first one....The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I just love Ree Drummond, her family and her style of cooking.  Her food photography skills ain't too shabby either.  I have her first cookbook and it was really, really good.  Not too many recipes included, but lots of lovely pics and stories about their families life-a life I can relate to.  I also the other two books she has written and enjoy her humorous down-to-earth style of writing!

This is the second cookbook Joy The Baker.  I think the cover is cute, although tattoos are visible (I loathe tattoos).  This book is all about baking and comfort food and I'm all in.  Very reasonable priced, too! 

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  1. I like the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, Junior League cookbooks, but my favorite are church ones! I have the healthy ones, but they aren't fun to peruse. I loathe tattoos as well. Costco had in their magazine that they have both of Ree's cookbooks in stock, and when I go I plan on buying both!