Saturday, March 3, 2012

The lack of food postings...

I realize I have stopped posting "foodie style" and for that I apologize.  To be honest, I find I have had little time to cook much and when I do, I don't usually take the time to take pics and upload them.  Maybe I am lazy or maybe I am that busy...who knows.  Hopefully, I will once again have time to post a bit about meal prep.  You will see me transitioning to more meal planning with less spontaneity.  Since I am once again entering the workforce, I will be doing more casseroles and things that freeze easily.  I will also be cooking more multi-purpose meals, so if you're into that, please check back in from time to time.  As always, I will focus on nutritious and economical meals.  On Mondays, I have no classes and do not work, so that will be a day that I can do a large portion of my meal prep for the week.  This is my meal plan for next week.

On Monday I will prepare a large pot of navy bean soup and make a double batch of corn muffins.  This will serve as Monday nights meal.  The leftover portion of beans will go into a huge pot of white chili which should feed us Tuesday and Wednesday.  Also on Monday, I will roast two pounds of bone-in chicken breasts.  After cooling, I will chop the breast up and put it in the freezer.  One pound will be used on Thursday night in a quick chicken Alfredo and the other pounds will be used Friday in chicken quesedillas.  Sides will be salad, rice and steamed veggies. 

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  1. I often do this as well. I have a Sam's bag of breasts thawing to put in the crockpot for this week's meals and last night I cooked up a bunch of turkey. My meals don't last as long as I have 3 teens.