Monday, March 12, 2012

My first week is behind me ;)

Well, first week as a Child Services Librarian has come to a close.  Despite a very rough first day and missing my home time, I absolutely love my job.  Life is fulfilling and exciting.  My duties are all over the place and honestly, I love it.  One minute I could be shelving books, the next I might be working with a group of two year olds and singing "Ring around the rosie", and the next minute I am working with the teens for Anime club.  So many new experiences.  My co-workers are awesome and life is good.  Almost too good, I keep feeling like I need to pinch myself ;)  My family is beginning to adjust to our new schedule.  Most of the whining has come from my hubby who has, for the first time, had to pick up slack.  Babygirl has been on cloud nine and has really enjoyed riding the bus in the afternoons and spending more time with her granddad.  I am, however, counting down the weeks til this semester is over with.  SIX.MORE.WEEKS!  Shew!  I suppose at that point, I will be half a teacher.  Last week, I signed an agreement with a local University to complete my bachelors degree and teaching certification.  The hubs wasn't too happy with my choice, as I picked the most expensive college locally, but I feel they have the most flexible program and that will be best for our family.  On a positive note, I am on track to graduate with HIGH DISTINCTION, soooo I should do well scholarship wise.  Only GOD knows what is in store.  Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. God has a plan for you all! Congrats on the distinction! So proud of you!