Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So many things to post about, but so little time.

Is anyone else like this?  I have this huge, ever lengthening mental list of things I want to post about, but I never find time to do anything about it!  Life is too busy ;)  Since I often blog for the sole purpose of getting things off my chest, I am gonna do that today.  Let me start off by saying I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN THAT MY CHILD IS TOO PREPPY OR GIRLY EVERY AGAIN!  I don't care how much I spend on her clothing, hair and makeup through the year...I will get a second job if I have to, just so she doesn't turn out to be a Gothic mess like so many other teens are today.  Since starting at the library, I have been in charge of the Anime book club and every week is a true adventure.  I love each and every one of these teens and accept them for who they are, but oh my.....!  Their hair is long and stringy, they are pierced, tattooed, wearers of all black.  Their lingo is foreign to me and they have the strangest mannerisms.  Come on, y'all...I am seriously not old enough to experience this much of a culture shock.  I told my husband last night that they behave like wild animals...and they do.  Working with this group has been an eye opener in one respect.  Previously, I will admit some prejudice to the Gothic crowd;  I tended to put a great deal of blame on the parents and while I still believe that holds true somewhat, most of these teens come from good families.  Wow!

So, as I said before, I am thrilled that I have a little prep in the  She loves nothing more than to hit up the Gap, Macy's or Belk and is most happy when wearing a dress, lots of pink and perfect accessories.  Babygirl has long, sandy blonde hair (currently down to her waist) and has big blue eyes.  I foresee an expensive future, but that's a-okay by me. 

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  1. As the mother of a girl with gages (which was done prior to her living with us) I can say that the parents buy the clothes and pay for the tattoos do in that respect the parents have that influence. But for style and personality that is their own. I've been told by my two oldest that society makes them that way. That's hippy bullcrap but truly that's what most teens believe. I've tried to change that mentality, but it is helped by their peers. If possible I suggest putting Babygirl in a Christian or private school in 6th grade to keep your girlie girl. That's what helped the youngest.