Friday, January 20, 2012

My baby has her first crush...

This is so epic to me I feel like it deserves a post.  Babygirl just turned 6 and hubby and I have had several conversations about our surprise that she has no interest in boys.  My husband and I both had boyfriends/girlfriends before kindergarten.  Now, don't get me wrong...I've been pleased that she was lagging behind!  Right before Christmas break, I noticed one particular name coming up over and over in our discussions concerning school.  I often volunteer in her class (not as much as I'd like due to time constraints) and Loren keeps me updated on her classmates because she knows I love them as much as she does.  I cheer for them and often pray for them from the sidelines. I said, the name Jackson was being said over and over.  Then google eyes appeared and I knew we were in trouble.  Lol.  The kids are back in session after winter break and the talk has once again ramped up.  Now, Jackson seems to be simply "Jack" to Loren.  May not sounds like a big deal to most, but my girl is incredibly proper and doesn't abbreviate anything.  Finally, I decided I would ask her about this. 

Me:  Hey Loren, what's the deal with you calling Jackson "Jack".  Did the other kids give him a nickname?
Babygirl:  (Giggle, giggle)  No mom, it's something IIIII call him. 
Me:  Oh (at this point I'm speechless.  Do I risk embarrassing her by asking more or do I just drop it!?!)  I dropped it, btw.

Yesterday I get informed that Jack is allergic to cats, where he lives, that he wears the same Sketchers as her only a different color and that he got to lay beside her in the hallway during a recent tornado warning.  She added that she felt safe since he was beside her.  LOLOL!!!  Oh my.  I giggled and said he does seem to be strong and such a gentleman.  Babygirl beamed up at me and said " I knew you would agree with me!"

Heaven help us all!  Lol....

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