Monday, January 16, 2012

Bread #2

Okay, Y'all.  This may just be the most difficult and time consuming post I've ever  My sweet Italian bread...actually it's Kroger's Sweet Italian bread.  If y'all haven't discovered it, you are indeed missing out.  It is sold in a two pack by the deli for 1.99 and for my family of three, I get two meals out of two loaves.  As the title implies, the loaf is slightly sweet and it is very moist. 

You will need:
A 350 degree oven
heavy duty Reynolds Wrap
4 tbsp butter, per loaf (salted)
patience to wait for the loaf to warm

Take loaf and with a serrated bread knife, cut slits in the bread every two inches or so taking care not to cut all the way thru.  You want the bread to stay "hinged".  Place a small pat of butter in every slit and wrap in Reynolds wrap.  Place in oven on a sheet pan, or if you are lazy like me, throw it in directly on the rack.  The idea here is to simply heat the bread through and melt the butter. 

My family and friends go CRAZY over this and they all believe this is  This pairs very nicely with spaghetti, lasagna or really any type of pasta.  I will also admit to cutting this bread thin and putting a healthy dose of Nutella on.  Yummy.  Enjoy, y'all.  It really doesn't get much easier or better than this.  Thank you, Momma!

Tomorrow,  Garlic cheesy biscuits!

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  1. That's funny! Sounds good...again I can't have any.