Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This and that....

Shew, y'all.  It's be forever...and a day.  What have I been up to?  So kind of y'all to ask....I've been sneezing and hacking, a lot.  We also can't forget the fevers and chest congestion.  My husband and daughter have been plagued with the same crap as I's been going on for weeks now.  Currently, I am better;  babygirl is on her third round of antibiotic and is barely getting by and my hubby....well, he is a whole different story.  All wives know how men are when they get sick.  It's so pitiful...there are so much sicker than we've ever been, their chills are stronger, their throat is sorer,etc.  I"m all about pampering my man when he gets sick, but a gal has to draw the line sometimes.  For the last two months he has felt horrible.  My macho man who takes no prescription meds, has never been overweight, etc., had himself convinced he was dying.  So much so, that I think he even scared his doctor yesterday.  My hubby started describing his symptoms and tests started being ordered.  A CT scan, chest x-ray and numerous blood labs later, we have a dx.  My macho man will indeed live to see tomorrow....he will probably (lord willing) live a long and healthy life.  What's wrong with him?  Severe allergies.  His sinuses were mucho inflamed on his x-rays.  Guess what, y'all...I made this dx months ago.  Why don't they listen? 

Baby girl will have her second and much needed set of bilateral tubes put in her ears this Friday.  PTL.  I am sick of her being in pain and sick! 

As for me, I am hanging in there and only have one more day of class for the semester.  My job is fabulous and some days I still can't believe how lucky I am.  Despite everything negative in our lives, god is good!

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  1. Men are such babies! I hope once the pollen dies down y'all will feel better. We are finally starting to feel better and our season started a few weeks earlier than yours.