Monday, April 2, 2012

A new obsession...

Y'all forgive me for the lack of posting.  Three things are overtaking my life....1) The end of this current semester.  I could write a whole new post of loathing teachers who cram tons of instruction at the end, but I won't.  Sigh.  2)  My job, which I love, but is much more demanding than I thought it would be! 3)PINTEREST!  I know, I know, I needed something else to consume my time like I needed a hole in the head.  Several weeks ago, I had sworn I wouldn't give in, but I've succumed to peer pressure I suppose.  I will, however give you my absolute work that I will not read the Twilight or Hunger Games series.  Don't believe in them and I find the whole craze just plain weird.  It's like super-overhyped hysteria.  Focus on the Family gave Hunger Games a pretty clean review, so I tried the first book in the series and could not get past page 24.  Just not my cup o' tea.  I will conserve my precious time for true literary works!  Hope everyone is peachy keen!

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  1. I haven't started Pinterest and won't because I just don't have willpower when it comes to the computer!