Friday, February 24, 2012

A goopy, red eyeball isn't all that bad.....

This morning, I woke up with conjuctivitis.  I cringed.  The cringing was not because I was uncomfortable, or worried about myself in the least.  I fear the spreading; the contagiousness of this plight of mine.  The past week, I've been in the local children's library quite a bit and have done some student teaching.  Hence, the eyeball.  No matter where I go, I seem to experience a symphony of hacking.  I feel blessed to have fared this well, really. 

As I was saying, after my discovery this morning, my thoughts turned to my day and suddenly, excitement began to build.  I realized I would have to clear my schedule for the day....woohoo.  No dentist appointment (just a cleaning), no trip to the cpa, no volunteer Friday at school. It would be horrible to spread the love ;)  A day to myself?  Really?  I'm gonna be real here and admit to something.  I dearly hope my mama doesn't read this, but here goes.....I haven't really cleaned my house since December 14th.  That date started a colision of unpleasant/hectic activites in my life.  My daughter had surgery, Christmas hit, her birthday immediately after, my husband working huge amounts of madatory overtime, my classes resuming, etc.  Now don't go thinking our home has been nasty.  Every week I do clean, just not up to my standards.  I would do the very best I could do with the time I had.  Everyday when I look at cobwebs in the corners, I cringe.  No one sees them but me, but they kill me.  Are you beginning to guess what me and my nasty eyeball have been doing today?  ClEaNiNg!!!

This morning I have:
scrubbed all floors by hand
wiped down all woodwork
dusted everything properly (pulled eveything out!)
cleaned all electronic components
organized my desk
paid bills
done all dishes
ran a cleaning cycle through dishwasher
cleaned out fridge
ran through short cleaning cycle on my range
scrubbed everything in hall bath, disinfected

It feels soooo, sooo good.  After all this, I am taking a bit of a computer break!  I have much more to do yet, but am well on my way.  I just love the smell of clorox and pine-sol!  Anyone with me?  Happy cleaning.


  1. I had my daughter clean my base boards and wipe our walls from my wheelchair marks last week. I'm glad you're able to get it accomplished even though you had to get conjunctivitis, which I'm sorry about. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. T put up a new stained glass ceiling fixture in the kitchen and a new chandelier in the dining room and now my ceilings need to be painted :( It never, ever ends. Lol.