Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am still alive....

Just barely, though.  The last month of my life has not been good.  Why, you ask?  I have had dental problems.  Big ones.  Never before have I had a toothache and I never want one again.  Long story short, I am the queen of dental hygiene....I mean I love it so much, I'm making it my career.  I see my dentist faithfully, I floss...I do everything I'm supposed to do.  It seems I have failed in one area-wearing a mouth guard.  It seems that not wearing a mouthguard for my clenching and grinding bit me in the butt.  Please y'all, if you are told to wear one.....wear it.  Don't worry about it feeling weird, don't worry about your husband making fun of you, don't worry about anything of the sort.  Just wear the darn thing. 

I woke up one morning with unbearable pain.  Called my dentist as soon as they opened and couldn't get in for Eight days.  Since I loved him, I knew I would tough it out.  I did and ate lots of tylenol.  Hopefully my liver faired well...the jury is still out on that one.  Anywho, I finally make it to the dentist and the news was bad.  I had cracked a tooth due to the clenching.  Probably had been for some time and it wasn't visible on x-rays.  The tooth had been decaying from the inside out.  Needless to say, I required a root canal and having my mouth open for so long caused my TMJ to act up terribly.  I have been a mess.  No eating, sleeping, talking, has been horrible.  Thankfully, the pain has pretty much diappeared and I feel somewhat capable of facing each day.  For those of you who have never had the blessing of a root feel nothing during the procedure.  It is almost pleasant, but afterwards.....OH MY GOODNESS!  Lets put it this way....I have NEVER taken a pain pill in my life, but I couldn't have made it through this without them.  Seriously, the pain was so bad my thoughts were completely irrational. 

I appologize for being gone for so long and have missed it.  Maybe now I can get back into a routine and begin to blog again.  My sweet hubby bought me a new lens that does a pretty sweet job photographing food :)  This lens is super sharp and is a 1.8f....that excites me so!  Stay tuned, y'all.  Coming soon is my mommas famous chicken and dumpling and all.

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