Friday, April 15, 2011

My first post in the blogging world!

I've talked about it, thought about it...and I finally did it!  I created a blog.  Hopefully this will be a catalyst to something good.  I find writing very therapeutic and lord knows we all need stress relief.  I hope to combine some of my passions (mostly cooking and photography) and find time to post here every now and then.  I find people ask me for nutritious, low-cost meals everyday and I think that will be my focus here.  So many people have food budgets that are being pushed to the max right now.  It breaks my heart to see people buying "junk" at the supermarkets because it is cheaper.  With a little planning and a marginal amount of time, we CAN still feed our families well!  Even though I am blessed to not have a food budget per se, my momma always taught me "waste not, want not" and I actually find it challenging to create cheap eats.  Today will not include any picture postings, but I will leave y'all with a tip......always include one low-cost side with every meal.  My family's favorites are cooked cabbage, rice, any potato dish and greens.  Most of these sides, including seasoning, will cost less than 50 cents per person!

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